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Chord Cretin Family - Ramones

Album name: ADIOS AMIGOS by Ramones. Favorite Links related to the Chord Cretin Family - Ramones : Chord Take The Pain Away - Ramones. Next chord Guitar and Lyrics Cretin Family :

Chord Cretin Family

intro:  D    F E Eb D
        D    F E Eb D

D           Eb     D               Eb
I'm not so upset about my horrible self
But why don't you go upset yourself
C                 D     C              D
Hey here's the mirror See your stupid face
What a disgrace man and you know it's true

D                                          F         E       Eb  D
Cretin family cretin family cretin family everyone's against me
cretin family cretin family cretin family oi oi oi oi

second verse
Don't stare at me it's freakin me out
Look what's happening now it's all your fault
You can't do nothing absolutely nothing ok
Why don't you get a hula hoop and do the cretin hop


third verse
I'm never wrong don't tell me what to do
Here's a little curse it's from me to you
It's nothing gonna happen nothing ever will
You'll be miserable everyday your luck will always be bad



outro (four times)
D            Eb
everyone's against me
oi oi oi oi

From: Glen Norman Pavan
Subject: ramones: adios_amigos_album.crd
Profile : Ramones (bh ing) Ramones (bh indo)

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