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Chord Guitar Falling Down - Mxpx

Song with the title Falling Down by Mxpx. Favorite Links related to the Chord Guitar Falling Down - Mxpx : Chord Ears to Hear - Mxpx,Chord Guitar Blue Moon - MxPx. Next chord Guitar and Lyrics Falling Down :

Chord Guitar Falling Down

 You're only interested when your power's threatened
 You're only paranoid when you know what you're doing
 you'll do anything to keep from falling down
It's a conspiracy to your inconsistency
could it be your spirits dead?
C, F, C, F
 Why do you run away when faced with these questions
 I know you know it but you just won't say
you built this conformist system
 you built this state and now you're falling down
 Your education teaches us not to resist
 subjects don't question kings its disrespect
they slam you in the face with their fist 

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