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P!nk Raise Your Glass Chords

Keywords: P!nk Raise Your Glass Chords. Top Chord: Bruno Mars - Grenade Chords. If there are errors in the lyrics and P!nk Raise Your Glass Lyrics please be advised. Here ("P!nk Raise Your Glass Chords") Key Guitar Chord, Tab (tablature) and Lyrics / Chord Guitar and Lyrics Hits P!nk with the title Raise Your Glass :

P!nk Raise Your Glass

P!nk Chords

P!nk Raise Your Glass Chords:

G            D  
right right, turn out the lights,
we gonna loose our minds tonight,
Em        D
whats the dealio?

(same with the rest of the verses)

G              D 
party crasher, penny snatcher,
call me up, if you are gangsta,
Em             D
dont be fancy, just get dancy,
why so serious?

so raise your glass,
G                  D
if your are wrong, in all the right ways,
C      Em   D
all my underdogs,
G                                    D
we will never be, never be any thing but loud,
C                        Em     D
and nitty, gritty, dirty little freaks,
G                           D     C    Em
so come on and, come on and raise your glass
G                        D     C    Em
come on and, come on and raise your glass!

G          D          C       
so if your too school for cool,
C             Em   D
and you treat like a fool,
G             D      C
you can learn to let it go,
C                            Em           D
we can always, we can always party on our own.

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